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Posted by ER On August - 5 - 2010

Here you can understand why learning English over Skype competes better than other studying solutions:

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1. Convenience – No matter where you study English you always want to feel comfortable.

Learning English over Skype allows you to have your lesson at any place you desire, so only you have the ability to decide where you are most comfortable learning to speak English with us.

You only need to make sure that you have a good high-speed connection and peaceful surroundings.

So it can be any place you want (home, cafe, roof, beach, car, office, etc.). We want you to feel relaxed and happy while we’re helping you to improve your speaking ability.

2. Schedule – Time is always very important, and we know how much you value yours.

At EnglishRepublic we schedule your lessons when it’s convenient for you.

If you cannot have your scheduled lesson and you contact us 24hrs beforehand, then we simply reschedule it so that you can still have your lesson in the near future.

3. Teaching – Our philosophy is very basic: attentive, experienced teachers + materials that help you.

It is highly important for us that during your lessons you feel happy and comfortable while we make sure you improve your English.

During our lessons we help you to focus on what touches your mind and heart, because we believe that you will learn English faster when it is personally connected with your life.

4. Price – It’s definitely cheaper than classroom courses and other individual offline lessons, for the simple fact that it is unnecessary to pay for transportation and expensive grammar books.