About Us

Posted by ER On August - 3 - 2010


  • We believe in maximizing the potential for people to learn English online.

  • We do not focus on rules of grammar, but instead endeavor to teach people how to “just speak” English, by providing online lessons using simple and indepth topical conversation.

  • We also use multimedia over the internet to add excitement, fun and innovation to our methods.

  • The goal of EnglishRepublic is to develop a worldwide community of people who are confident and comfortable with their ability to communicate in English.


  • One of our main goals is to provide a helpful and practical way for people to improve their English speaking ability, without extensive grammar instruction.

  • We desire to continuously offer a variety of free materials and low-cost methods in combination with innovative technologies to those wishing to increase their command of English.

  • Progressively, we want to make opportunities to learn English more accessible to everyone wishing to strengthen their communication with the global community, so that they can “just speak” with confidence.