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[edit] prada bags Placed on both sides of the ring two rows of seat

Both were one does not know his face, thinking that the next one will not say it too rich it.

This is simply ...... is simply hopeless, ah, too wasteful ...... simply too wasteful,prada bags, do not know that is a shame to waste it? Evening silver befitting manner on the duo said.

Touch! Touch! Both were collapsed to the ground.

Silver evening and was suddenly in front of Silver Lion attracted, two silver lions look sharp, vertical jump into the sky, people do not consciously feel a deep sense of war,louis vuitton damier, covered with blood boiling up.

Really worthy of the court held venue ah! Silver evening Antan.

Enter the door, can accommodate a million people around the venue in the middle placed an extremely large ring. In front of a temple, named heroes hall, it magnificent,louis vuitton handbags, luxurious unreal, people are not careful it will seem fascinated by the fame and fortune in.

Church is the hero of the people used to entertain win the game after the court would do everything possible to make a martial arts master to join the court to increase the strength.

In fact, in the eve of silver eyes is a Banquet, I do not know what this space? How the court and the arena was actually common?

Fast game began, the venue was packed.

In fact, most people are along for the ride, but the majority are women, because it is a disguised form of male beauty contest. Martial arts master is not much here, plenty more refined literati.

Silver evening they entered the hall has attracted the attention of most people,coach wristlet outlet, because Famous Fort baozhu and North slaughter cattle have never been to the young master of the game, even more attention is not on a purple man.

This man slowly fanning fan, mouth hanging seems to be absent smile,burberry bags, looks Geng Shibi woman also the United States, Korea baozhu is one of the world recognized the four young men, but actually a lot less than he came . Every woman venue hung his head in shame, as much so handsome man.

Variety Princess vol famous arena Chapter had met the enemy

A man slowly toward them, it may be steward of the class,coach wristlet, respectfully said: Please Korea baozhu sit.

Ha! Think there are seats brother, it seems high status ah. Xi silver thought.

Placed on both sides of the ring two rows of seats, naturally there in the political arena to the identity of the person to get into sitting position.

Han baozhu, sit down! The man bending over the body stretched schematic Hanqi wind sit down.

Silver did not ask how one evening they sit? Implying so that he and his brother were standing? Turned to look at her brother: Is Big Brother did not seat,burberry purses? Brother not to say that in the political arena is also quite famous? She did not can be understood.

Slaughter cattle laughed: This is the world of the famous third brother shows how many people? Want to take the child not only famous in the lakes,Prada Tote, natural but also the identity and status, are indispensable.

Hey! Have identity, people in high places where are popular ah. Xi Silver sighed.


[edit] coach wristlet Ill eat.

Embarrassing ......

Ha ha ha ...... Liu Yiyi from the ground up, laughing silly asked,coach wristlet, Lan, we are not sisters?

Uh ......, yes. Lan Ling was very helpless road.

Is a good sisterll try to do my ribs. Also clip a block ribs to her bowl.

Lan Ling also looked at the bowl piece than carbon black ribs,coach wristlet outlet, sad Ran said, This is what a good sister relationship with the thing? Did not you say,prada bags, you want to grab someones stomach? How not to give him to eat it?

I do not want you to give me this advice Well, look at my cooking and his craft than how to do it = Well Well, Lan, help under me.

Lan Ling swallow saliva under the mercy and Huangfu Jin said, Great Master, Huangfu senior, Im going to give you trouble spot gastrointestinal drugs oh.

Arashi -

Good, good,Prada Tote, good, Ill eat.

Everyone is worried looking at her, gently bite a small mouth, her tight view there is no difference.

Which Yiyi most intense,louis vuitton handbags, how?, And his craft than up, how much difference?

In fact, Lan Ling ate out to taste just bite bolted down, and cold Jun Hao wipe her mouth next, but also numbers under her veins.

Lan Ling asked, with the most serious expression, You have to listen to the truth?

Yiyi very sure nodded, ah, listen to the truth.

Ling Lanqing a lower voice, In fact, your gap is not great, at most, round trip from the Earth to the Moon it.

Yiyi tears ran it.

Finally, Jin Huangfu give each bowl of soup made noodles, eat the hungry crowd That it dinner.

Lan Ling have been hungry posted back chest, and looked broth fragrance, face as fine as silk noodles, can not help but salivate can just about to start, a golden Mingtie just fly into her bowl, splashing she was a soup.

Others mused flying flying in the direction whither Mingtie hit go between sudden, the hospital regardless of the enemy poured a lot of people come,burberry bags, intense cross hands for joy.

House of fierce fighting, the Office of the Lan Ling and Liu Yiyi sitting gallery does not move. However, looking at the Lan Ling stay golden Mingtie bubble bowl of noodles, cooked duck flew kind of feeling. Snapped, jade chopsticks crashed and broken hands, the surface of the silver mask of coldness and even more have seen that the surface of a layer of condensation another on white snow.

Tmd., One did not eat, it was ruined, even in peacetime, and today Im hungry for a long while, and finally eat the dinner, fail again,burberry purses, grew more and more gas is not one to play.

Gave me to step down. Bang Jiaohe.

Lan Ling saw that already jumped into the pavilion, sitting in front guqin, slender Yu Zhi wave strings, everyone Dunjue blood on the Bay, infuriating scurry up.

Repair strength is low with, are already seated cross-legged on the interest rate adjustment.

Only heard the soft sound of the piano and sometimes slow, like top of the mountain, misty,louis vuitton damier, erratic, sometimes light jumping, cheerful as a mountain stream gurgling see, instant they came to a standstill, like the waterfalls thousand feet waterfall.


[edit] burberry bags Chapter 1424

However, a pair of branching red eyes, but strange to get everyone to see -

Like,burberry bags, Yun from popular low?

Chapter 1424: Reshaping the spiritual body [13]

Chapter 1424: Reshaping the spiritual body [13]

Candle in the heart suddenly stops beating, so powerful coercion, even if she felt extremely difficult, not only hold a moonlit night waking.

Do not hurt her ,louis vuitton handbags...... The Candle whispered.

Yun from standing at the entrance, blocking all light will be thrown out get in the way of small lanterns, red eye, staring at the strange Candle.

I race of the people,prada bags, why should protect human?

She, she is my ...... by contract. Candle said carefully, and try to lay upon himself, let him see her bosom person.

Candle hear the words, Yun narrowed his eyes from dangerous,burberry purses, such as being a great insult, coldly: As a royal, trying to shift the origin ruined now, and humble human knot deed!

You have also - angered by his words, Candle subconsciously rise refute.

Once he is, and human knot deed ah! They are willing, where there is not any inferior inferior?

But when she looked up and saw a pair of red eyes cold and strange when you want to say it, but life and life swallowed.

She almost forgot, from the moment Yun, already not that noble royal animal, but ...... a depraved, ecstatic Rumo Warcraft.

But the nature of the noble, and born to his pride, let him even Rumo, forget himself had been a royal Xuanhe glory.

So,coach wristlet, still stubbornly guarding the royal illusory title.

Candle nose count, his eyes pour a layer of tears, it really is the fate of their family do?

Put that man to me. Deadpan face looked sad Candle,Prada Tote, still no wave heart, but did not got a touch.

The eternal cold, heart, seems to be nine feet deep seal with ice.

Candle quickly shook his head, hugging Moonlight, No! She finally to come back!

To me. Coldly repeated,louis vuitton damier, is still to be seen Candle stubbornly let go when Yun from the body, it exudes patience runs out of anger.

Court death! Chifeng, the cold and spit out the word, he only slightly moved a finger, thin cemented flame whip it at your fingertips.

Candle severely teeth to cover your own body moonlit night, silently chanted formulas, ice strength gradually formed around the body a thick shield.

Scornfully looked shields, eye blinking from Yun, seemingly carelessly toss that thin whip.

So imagine a slender flame whip, will embody the less powerful upper terrible power!

Only to hear the bang bang, Candle shield was actually fine whip a whip broke open from the middle, the force does not abate,coach wristlet outlet, still accurately hit back to go toward the Candle!

Fluttering in the wind, then fine whip line path, the air is reminding us of scenes are separated, issued harsh Baoxiang voice!

If being drawn, even die, Im afraid it also seriously injured refractory!

Even if she is the animal that really can withstand the whip do?

Have no time to think too much, protect the owner, is Edie taught her childhood, she has learned, so in any case are powerless!


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