This page will help you understand how to choose your teacher on our website, and get you started on your journey to “Just Speak” English.

On our website you can find two types of teachers: Native Speakers and Non-Native Speakers. Native Speakers are teachers mainly from the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Non-Native Speakers are from various countries and English is their second language, but of course they know/speak it very well and have the same ability to teach you.

When choosing a teacher, please consider the following:

1. Your level of English – We want you to be able to learn efficiently, so if you have any doubt about being able to understand your potential teacher, please just contact us for a demo lesson.

We will help you to estimate your level and choose the right teacher.

2. Rate – Make sure the rate is acceptable to you for long-term learning. It’s better to budget your education wisely, than to start and then have to abruptly stop it because of money issues.

3. Your goals – Tell your teacher what you want to achieve and what you expect from your lessons with him, then your teacher will be able to efficiently build your lessons and help you to reach your peak result.

4. Schedule – We try to make sure you have lessons at the time most convenient for you, but your desirable teacher might be busy during the time(s) you want, so please think about a range of hours you are available. This will help us to bring you the best service we can.

5. Have fun – Make sure you understand that your lessons will be lively and entertaining, and not just boring grammar lessons ))) We want every lesson to be a happy and interesting learning experience!

SmileI'm sure you feel better now;)