Posted by ER On August - 2 - 2010


Welcome to EnglishRepublic!

We’re so glad that you found us in the world of the Internet. We know that nothing will stop you from exploring and discovering English, so let’s start with a quick explanation of how we can help you to continue journey to speaking English naturally.

At EnglishRepublic you will find a lot of non-standard techniques that are aimed at bringing you enjoyment while achieving real results in mastering your English.

A partial list of the services we provide include:

English Lessons over Skype

Practice is the best tool in improving your speaking ability and gaining freedom of thought in English. ER teachers will help you to ease your mind into a communicative, grammar-rule free way of speaking. With the use of innovative and interesting materials, we’ll help you to build a strong vocabulary and great confidence in speaking English.

You can have a lesson with a Native English teacher

over Skype for just $20!

A lesson with a Non-Native English teacher over Skype is just $13.50!

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English Topics

At EnglishRepublic we care about your constant progress and assist you by providing topics that will strengthen your vocabulary and give you food for thoughtful conversation, while also showing you that learning English can be fun! Every topic includes not only interesting information and vocabulary, but also a sample conversation based on the topic. Every topic is like a rocket that will take you to experience a new world of unexplored knowledge. ER topics are written by American English teachers, that have a sophisticated experience in teaching English.

So you get the best from the best! And one of the best things about our regular topics is that they are free!

Our pro-topics include an mp3 audio file, and also a personalized cartoon demonstrating the conversational part of the topic. We also provide easy navigation within the topic by linking vocabulary with definitions and usage.

Pro-topics start at just $4.99!

Audio Topics

While you’re reading our topics we’re still concerned about you getting the full benefit from it. That’s why we can provide you with a recorded copy for each topic, so that you can improve your pronunciation and listening ability.

There are no more boundaries to learn English, now you can take a topic with you by uploading it on your portable device or anything else you can play mp3′s on.

You can build your own multi-media library from our audio topics and reference it anytime you want.


One audio topic costs $2.99 which is very small, yet valuable investment in your future education.


Cartoons are another way in which we express our love for teaching English. We know that many of you are bored with traditional grammar exercises, and the lack of fun English materials.

We were extremely happy to have found a way to animate our characters, letting them broadcast their own stories and showing how easy and enjoyable it is to learn English with them.

Many ER cartoons are currently available with our pro-topics. You can download some of our cartoons and watch them on any portable device you have that plays MP4, AVI, WMV. Cartoons are designed in order to activate your visual memory helping you learn and remember new phrases, and giving you the ability to use them in everyday speech.